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Wright Auto Pro provides automotive professionals with the skills, tools and techniques to improve sales, gross profit and customer loyalty. We offer instructional design, subject matter expertise and delivery of performance improvement workshops. In addition, on www.wrightautopro.com, you will discover training videos with Workbooks and Meeting Leaders Guides, weekly Blog posts and a link to purchase Doug’s book, Turn Every Transaction into an Experience: The Definitive Guide to Increasing Car Buyers’ Loyalty.

customized training programs and consulting services

Douglas Wright launched Wright Auto Pro to provide customized training programs and consulting services to the auto industry. Doug has been in the automotive business his entire life, having grown up around his father’s Mercedes-Benz dealership. After attending Syracuse University, Doug left the car business to pursue a career on Wall Street. After working as a portfolio manager for two years he attended Columbia University where he received his MBA degree. Doug returned to the car business in 1996 when he purchased a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep dealership in upstate New York. Over the course of the next several years, Doug would purchase four underperforming dealerships, turn them around and sell them for a profit. In 2002, he left the retail side of the business to start Wright Auto Pro.


Currently, Doug is an international speaker, trainer, author and consultant in the automotive industry. His extensive retail background gives him credibility with his audience and his practical approach to education, combined with his energy, positive attitude, keen sense of humor and passion for the business make him a joy to listen to. He has delivered performance improvement solutions to over 500 dealerships throughout the United States and Canada. He has also performed over 1000 training seminars.

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Turn every transaction into an experience

What Our Clients Say

Doug is very knowledgeable about the car business. A truly outstanding instructor.
Texas, Sales Managers
Doug certainly knows what sales consultants go through everyday and has great suggestions for actually implementing those ideas.
Lexus, Sales Consultant in Houston, TX
Doug is able to explain with ease and made great comparisons. He has a vast knowledge of the Service Process and its importance.
R. Biller, Boston, MA
Doug is by far one of the most competent and intellectually sound facilitators that I had the pleasure of working with on numerous Toyota, Lexus & Scion projects. From his ability to review and analytically assess all stages of curriculum development to his expertise and professionalism in delivering sales & product courses – I could always rely on Doug to deliver. With his high level of integrity and attention to detail, Doug was routinely requested by Toyota, Lexus & Scion management to pilot new web-based and facilitator led courses. I would recommend Doug to any automotive OE looking to deliver an on target message that is synonymous with the corporations brand identity.
Ryan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Landi Renzo USA Corporation
Over the years I have attended countless training classes with several manufacturers. Hands down Doug is the best instructor I’ve experienced. Just when I thought I knew it all I the best aha moment. My plan is to start right away using your material to train our sales staff while implementing the new ideas we discussed. Thanks again and I look forward to crossing paths soon.
Doug, Sales Manager, Annapolis, MD
Doug, thank you for all the insight and practical knowledge that you provided to me. I did find the class to be very informative. You have a particular way that makes you easy to understand and very proficient at conveying your lessons, subject matter and sales techniques.
Joshua, Sales Consultant, Ramsey, NJ
Doug, the class was very well done and the progression was excellent. You did a great job on each topic. It was one of the best classes I have ever attended. It is a class that both new and even Master Certified associates should be required to attend. A bit overwhelming at times but it was a great refresher for me. I really needed that and would attend again. I am sure there were some things I missed. I was getting set in my ways of selling and needed the update. After so many years and dealing with mostly repeat business you can lose your skills and excitement. I am sure you know what I mean. I could not wait to try the process out when I got back. It really makes the procedure easier and a lot more fun. Thanks again.
Aldo, Sales Consultant, New York, NY
Doug, I had a customer this morning and I went through the process of basically shutting up and letting them talk. Asking questions about things they left open ended and overall being more cognizant of what the customer was saying. It went perfectly; you could tell just by the body language that she was having a great time… I plan to use this on future endeavors at work. Thank you!
Jason, Sales Consultant, Parsippany, NJ
Doug, I am “Wowed” by what you showed us the last two days!!
Thank you for your time
Andreas, Sales Consultant, Silver Spring, MD
I was truly able to really take some excellent information away from the class that will surely help me in selling more cars, holding gross and have more fun. Thank you Doug for all your help!
Rene, Sales Consultant, New York, NY